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While Toronto slept

This Magazine Staff

You know I love you Toronto. The best years of my life were spent here in the city on the shores of the lake where no one swims. But sometimes you can be so magnificently lame it breaks my heart.
For example: The Fall Nationals are on once again. For ten straight nights at the Horseshoe, CanRock heroes The Rheostatics are giving the love. Last night was opening night, and who was there? The ususal couple dozen anoraks, trainspotters and window-lickers you see at every Rheostatics show. But otherwise, the place was as dead as the NDP’s prospects in Quebec.
Maybe familiarity breeds indifference. Maybe you all have other things to do, important things that involve keeping your streets safe by perpetually voting for a Liberal government that will protect you by sending your money to their croneys in Quebec and by preventing gun collecters in Alberta from collecting guns.
Toronto, don’t be Jeffrey Simpson. Wake up and smell the rock. Get to the Horsehoe. Nine nights to go.
Best songs of the night: CCYPA, The Tarleks, and a new Dave song about tragic hockey star Bryan Fogerty, with bad verses but a gorgeous chorus.
Encores: Song of Flight, In This Town.

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