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The world’s media also ignores the NDP

This Magazine Staff

There’s a pretty picture of a frosty maple leaf on the cover of The Economist this week. Inside the covers, they try to explain Canada to the English speaking world. You can read “A funny sort of government” online for free if you just sit through a sponsor’s ad first.

Out of a good 2100 words, the NDP gets 55:

The New Democratic Party is a socialist party from the old world that is ill at ease in the new one and has yet to find its Tony Blair. It appeals at most to about a fifth of the electorate, but not to the Asians and other business-friendly new Canadians in the vote-rich urban areas.

That’s just under 3% of the article—13 percentage points less than their popular vote in the last election.

I appoint Andrew Potter head of the commission to investigate this conspiracy to disrespect the NDP.

Let’s start with the term “socialist party.”

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