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what price loyalty? undetermined, but being openly discussed

This Magazine Staff

Here’s a bizarre report on the contentious Liberal riding association meeting in Etobicoke Lakeshore last night, in which Michael Ignatieff was acclaimed over the protests of two local Liberals who also sought the nomination, but were apparently not allowed to stand on the ballot.

Check out the full story in the Toronto Star.

A couple of things to note:

1) Saying there were police outside the meeting “in bulletproof vests,” is pretty much just like saying there were police outside the meeting. Show me a cop in Toronto not wearing a vest anywhere, anytime.

2) It seems retiring MP Jean Augustine got the Liberal Party memo saying it’s now okay to openly speculate about patronage appointments

Augustine, 68, is known to be hoping for an appointment to a public service position outside the federal government. She has told associates she as yet has not been offered anything by Martin.

The veteran MP, who has represented the riding since 1993, said she decided it’s “time to smell the roses,” but she said she will first work to help Ignatieff win the seat.

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