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An election I’m not already tired of

This Magazine Staff

The 2005 Canadian Blog Awards are being voted on right now, with dozens of nominees in 15 categories. Nominees who have been mentioned here at Blog This include: Inkless Wells, Warren Kinsella, mblog, Calgary Grit and Antonia Zerbisias. My own personal favourites include Torontoist for Best Group Blog and Daily Dose of Imagery for Best Photo Blog.

The awards are hosted by Robert McClelland, a frequent visitor here.

One quibble with the awards: What’s the benefit of allowing people to vote once a day? Why not just one vote per IP address? I’m happy to vote once, but more than that seems like a waste of time to me… not to mention an opportunity for ballot-box stuffing. (I know, you’d have to be pretty sad to stuff a blog awards virtual box, but still.)

Anyway, cast your votes today and check back next week for the results of Round 1. And I’m curious: what notable blogs have been left off the list?

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