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Olympic blues… already

This Magazine Staff

Cap in hand, Vancouver Olympic organizers are considering going to the federal and provincial governments for more money to build Olympic venues. Like many large projects in B.C., it looks like this one is going to go over budget… and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s late, too.

Here’s my favourite quote from the story:

“He [John Furlong, Olympic organizing committee head] noted that the original bid was put together based on 2002 dollars — and that by the time construction wraps up, the venues will have been paid for in 2007 dollars.”

Well, jeepers! That sounds like the kind of thing that could have been planned for back in 2002. You are an *organizing* committee, aren’t you?

All this begs the following question: Will the supposed benefits of the Olympics be worth the ever-increasing price? I guess we’ll see…

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