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That’s Called a Home Run

This Magazine Staff

In today’s question period, Conservative MP Jeff Watson (Essex), quoted directly from Alex Roslin’s THIS Magazine story when asking the Liberal government if they would start an immediate criminal investigation into Canada Steamship Lines’ routine and illegal dumping of excess cargo into the Great Lakes. And I quote (from memory):

“Or, is the family business allowed to pollute?”

Stephane Dion, Minister of the Environment, looking like he’d just been hoofed in the gut, began his reply with the words:

“Mr. Speaker, no one is above the law…”

The rest of his response was drowned out by catcalls and boos.

Welcome to the election, folks.

Go, now and sign our petition about CSL’s Cargo Sweeping into the Great Lakes. Make the Prime Minister answer for his shoddy environmental record.

UPDATE: Apparently Jason Kenney also slammed the Libs on this issue in QP today. I got too excited by Jeff Watson’s question and started blogging right away. I’ll grab the Kenney question from Hansard tomorrow and post it.

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