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worst. headline. ever.

This Magazine Staff

Slate Magazine’s editor-at-large Jack Shafer writes this week about how we’ll know that the baby boomers have lost control of the media…just watch the headlines.
Shafer argues that as Gen X and Y ascend, gone will be references to the Beatles (say it ain’t so) to be replaced by the Beasties (that’s Boys, for you in the over-40 set). His crack panel of under-40 pop culture experts weigh in over email on which pop culture reference or contemporary slang will be the harbinger of “The New Power Generation” (ha!)

Daniel Radosh finds the mother lode in his generation’s favorite movies, particularly The Breakfast Club. “If we were running things the headline, ‘Just Answer the Question, Blair,’ would appear over every third London dispatch,” he writes.

…industrious Jeremy Derfner sees a news story on the horizon about boomers who won’t slow down despite their advanced age headlined “By the Power of Grayskull.”

And finally, “Fed Chief Assures Friends Dat Economy Is Crunk.”
I say, bring on the Simpsons references.

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