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Okay, century #2 begins now… um, we’re waiting

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Strangely, I was not invited to the big Maclean’s party, but I understand from both D.B. Scott and Antonia Zerbisias that it was a hell of a night. Or, at least it was big enough and posh enough and packed with celebs enough to theoretically be a hell of a night. From Zerbisias’s final words, it sounds a bit snoozy:

Er, that’s it. Nobody got blotto. Nobody got into a fight. Nobody did anything to embarrass themselves. But like I said, I left early.

Sounds a bit like the magazine itself.

All I can think to say is, with that guest list turning out for your party, you’d better be publishing an important magazine.

Who was Barbara Amiel’s date? Anybody? Does BA fly solo?

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