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I want to look like THAT guy

This Magazine Staff

In a news story culled from, it seems, the cutting room floor of Nip/Tuck (best show on regular cable, word) the Edmonton Sun announced on its front page today that serial rapist/very bad man/prison inmate Shane Hilton will get a new face, courtesy of Alberta’s finest plastic surgeons. Seems Hilton was badly disfigured by a police bullet to the face, sustained in the efforts to “bring the berserk Hinton to justice.”
I’m reticent about agreeing with Canada’s knee-jerk right, but I gotta admit this one is stretching my sympathy. No word on who will pay for the procedure (allegedly Corrections Services Canada) rather than, god forbid, “the taxpayers”, but read the article, tick off the brutal crimes he’s serving time for, and consider “it might help ease his transition back into society.”
Crime and punishment. It’s a tough one for us progressives. Hinton is eligible for parole in 2011 and will have served his full sentence in 2014.
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