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Canadian Journalism 101—first, look out the window

This Magazine Staff

Thank god the CBC is back—how else would I get my morning head shake?

Hauled myself out of bed at 6:30 this morning and turned on the radio. Standing at my window, watching the sun rise over Lake Ontario into a stunningly clear sky, I heard local morning host Andy Barrie say this:

“We’re live at City Hall this morning where we can’t see any shadows because it is completely overcast in Toronto right now.”

Granted, Andy Barrie has been known to set the whole city scrambling by getting the time wrong by a full hour, so we’ve learned not to put too much stock in what comes out of his mouth; but then sports guy Kevin Sylvester picked up the “no shadows” motif and started yakking about fog.

Sylvester is a veteran bike rider, so chances are there actually was fog when he made his way to City Hall. Still, how hard is it to look up from the microphone and out the window?

Update: Live webcam image of Toronto:

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