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Fun with question period

This Magazine Staff

Dig this from yesterday’s oral questions in the House of Commons. The build up is a bit precious, but the question itself is pure gold:

Hon. Jack Layton (Toronto Danforth, NDP): Mr. Speaker, if the Prime Minister wants to behave like FDR, the least he could do is provide a new deal for the lumber industry.

The fact of the matter is there is no help for the industry. There is no plan. There is no deadline. There are no consequences spelled out for the Bush administration if it just continues to brush off Canada and the Prime Minister’s endless words. Workers and businesses who provided the billions of dollars here are not helped by say nothing, do nothing radio ads.
When is the Prime Minister going to do something that gets respect in Washington?

Credit the Hon. John McCallum, Minister of National Revenue, for not collapsing into a fit of giggling before responding.

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