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UPDATE: Thanks for the comments here, but you all should really get involved in the trash-talking going on over at
Remember to read the rules all the way to the end. Only entries posted to my blog or sent by email are eligible!
Who is most punk? Tell me, and win a copy of Fury’s Hour and The Rebel Sell.
It is time to celebrate a few things. The coming of Fall, the publication of Fury’s Hour, and the fact that The Rebel Sell has now spent 7 consecutive weeks on the Globe and Mail bestseller list. Time to have a contest and give away some books.
The Contest:
Who is the most punk person in Canadian history, or what is the most punk event, action, behaviour, occurrence, etc.? That is to say, what is the most punk thing that has ever happened in Canada?
1. Submissions must be in accordance with the schema for what punk is, as outlined in Warren Kinsella’s new book, Fury’s Hour. That is, the event or person must have been a) driven by Anger, and b) taken personal (DIY) action. Also, c) the activity or person must have been motivated by an anti-authoritarian impulse. But unlike Kinsella, I don’t insist that the politics of the person or the action be demonstrably “left-wing”. I think that centrist or right-wing actions can be punk as well.
So for example, the assassination of D’Arcy McGee counts (assuming it was by that Fenian Whelan), but the strangling of a protestor on Flag Day by the Prime Minister does not.
See the rest of contest details at my new blog:
And this time, I’m really leaving. For good. I mean it.

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