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Weird action… but action

This Magazine Staff

This is painful for me:

Frank Stronach is doing very good work.

Roy MacGregor reports on beautiful action from the patriarch.

If you can get past the standard “he arrived with $40 in his pocket, blah, blah, self-made blah, blah (sometimes it’s $40, sometimes $10, sometimes just $1 — dammit how much money did Frank Stronach actually have in his pocket when he stepped off the boat, and what was the first thing he bought? a pulley? a fan belt? what?) you will see what crazy, outlandish capitalists can do with their money when they actually have a conscience.

Apparently, what they can do is use their corporate jets to ferry disaster victims to safety, and then buy them food and give them shelter while basically promising to make sure they do not remain homeless. Okay, wow.

So good for Frank. Maybe we don’t need governments after all.

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