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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

This Magazine Staff

Oh yeah, not only do those annoying small humans have to return to school this week, the networks are rolling out their new fall schedules. This is my favourite TV time, and the late summer of 2005 has been a doozy. The CBC lockout has been playing near havoc with my Sunday mornings (4.5 hours of Coronation Street? Even I have to draw the line). .. I’m still recovering from the finale of Six Feet Under, and hoping Rome will be half as good as it or as I Claudius…and the one that everyone should be talking about this morning, Prison Break, did not disappoint.
But an interesting thing happened on my way to the runaway hit of the season. I caught the regular network broadcast of the first ep of ReGenesis on Global. Originally made for the Movie Network, ReGenesis boasts a great cast (including Ladies of the Left favourite Dimitry Chepovetsky of Top Gun: The Musical fame), outstanding writing (including This Magazine alum Jason Sherman) and direction (John L’Ecuer). Plus, CSI-style camera-work gets you inside the deadly ebola virus threatening to wipe out Southern Ontario, specifically Toronto and area. Thumbs up. I’ll be tuning in again.
This has been your pop culture moment for the day. Please return to considering the credentials of new G-G.

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