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Lights on, no one home

This Magazine Staff

Things are heating up in the Dominion. The Council of the Federation meeting wrapped up in Banff a couple of weeks ago, ending with a loud call for the feds to do something radical, like Fix Education for a Generation. Back in May, they struck an advisory council on the very important, though totally imaginary, Fiscal Imbalance. Meanwhile, Ontario is feeling broke and getting grouchy about that very important, though totally imaginary, $23 billion the feds take from Ontario every year, and McGuinty is glancing jealously westward at Alberta’s $7 billion surplus. And Ralph Klein is telling everyone: Hands off the oil!
Let’s see what Lucienne Robillard, Canada’s Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs has to say about all of this.
Here’s her recent press releases.
Open letters? Nope.
Articles? Nada.
Presentations? Uh uh.
It’s almost like the country runs itself.

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