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Andrew says “John told you so.”

This Magazine Staff

Just keeping y’all updated on that little argument we had a while back about whether or not poverty is a problem worth addressing in the world. Yes, people actually argue about that.

Here’s a BBC report about the latest UN findings (I know, I know, how can we trust the UN, and have we taken into account the rise of Asia? Blah, blah—read the article).

The article

And a quote from it for those who stubbornly refuse to read it:

The UN report – drawn up by the UN’s Economic and Social Affairs Department – found that the gap between rich and poor is now wider than it was a decade ago…

Hardly the kind of thing to be saying “I told you so” about. On the other hand, I did tell you so.


Here is the UN Report, released yesterday.

The Inequality Predicament

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