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Told you so

This Magazine Staff

Instead of settling for yesterday’s three-paragraph news release, or quibbling with this or that word in the three-paragraph news release, or complaining about the differences between the French and English versions of a three-paragraph news release, I do wish I’d heard from more readers who believe the Canadian people deserve more than a three-paragraph news release. It’s profoundly depressing to have a government that thinks we can’t handle an adult conversation. It’s more depressing to suspect they’re right.
Paul Wells, on his blog today
Whether it is about health care, missile defence or the war on terror, Canadians are incapable of having an adult discussion, and woe to any politician who dares do anything so radical as obey reason. Our political discourse takes place in a dogma-addled environment that would swallow up an intellectual alien like Ignatieff, and it would be a shame to see him forced to mouth the banalities that are required for survival in Canadian federal politics.
Andrew Potter, National Post
Thursday, July 21, 2005

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