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What’s going on at the CBC?

This Magazine Staff

Looks like CBC management has actually gone ahead with the lock out. It seems like a bizarre move, especially since CBC’s radio ratings have been on an upward incline lately. Will the damage (both PR-wise and in terms of employee morale) done by locking out employees really be justified by gaining a bit more wiggle room with hiring practices? Management claims it needs more flexiblity to hire temps in order to remain competitive and efficient, while the Canadian Media Guild argues that the current 30% temp ratio is more than enough.
While I recognize that management has fewer and fewer dollars to work with and has to figure out ways to cut costs somewhere, I’m inclined to agree with the CMG — allowing for more use of temps does seem to open the door to fewer full-time, secure jobs down the road.
But, I’m just observing from the sidelines. And, media coverage of the strike hasn’t been too comprehensive. Thoughts, anyone?

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