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Another big tory gaffe

This Magazine Staff

Looks like another conservative leader has royally screwed up a half-assed attempt to reach out to Canada’s aboriginal community. The Toronto Star reports that Ontario’s PC leader John Tory sent a letter addressed to Matthew Coon Come at the Assembly of First Nations, asking for invitations to aboriginal events and boasting of his party’s efforts to be more inclusive. If he or any of his staffers had bothered to do a bit of research (or even read the papers), he’d know that Phil Fontaine replaced Coon Come a couple years ago. Yeesh! This would almost be funny if it wasn’t so offensive.
This is all very similar to Stephen Harper’s big gaffe last year when he wished Canada’s aboriginal community a “Happy India Day” [the day marks the anniversary of India’s independence from Britain]. Maybe it’s time for the conservatives to think about adding some basic Canadian education seminars to their next conventions….

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