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Tale of Two Capital Cities

This Magazine Staff

No chance of missing the latest information about the London bombings last week. Any paper will do. The death toll is up to 52. Here’s a link.

And then there’s the (at least) 48 innocent Iraqis who were blown up by a suicide bomber yesterday in Baghdad. The victims were waiting to sign up for the new Iraqi military. Today’s Globe has the story on page A8—that’s 8 pages into the paper from the latest London news.

And a quote from the story:

“The attack came as a leaked British government memo revealed that the U.S. and Britain hope to more than halve their troop numbers in Iraq over the next year. Any such plan would rely on recruiting and training Iraqi forces to take over. But army recruits are a prime target for insurgents.

Any chance these stories are related? Whadda ya think?

So, if we’re all at war with the folks who bombed both London and Baghdad over a span of four days, why do our newspapers assume we only care about the people who were blown up in London?

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