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Danger! Media — er, I mean Karla — on the loose!

This Magazine Staff

Did anybody catch the interview Karla Homolka gave on Radio-Canada (French TV) this evening, mere hours after leaving prison? Well, surprise surprise, the woman isn’t a monster! From what I saw she seems to be an intelligent, remorseful woman who wants to rebuild her life, contribute to the world and put a dreadful mistake behind her. Not a popular, opinion, I’m sure. Even though she got away with just 12 years in jail for her part in three terrible murders, Homolka’s release gives us few options: leave her alone and allow her to live a private life, or hound her until someone tracks her down and kills her or she reoffends in order to live some kind of private life. If you take her word for it that she’s reformed, which I do (perhaps foolishly, I realize), option one seems the only way to go.

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