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Coralling Karla

This Magazine Staff

Quebec is not the only North American jurisdiction grappling with what to do with unimprisoned sex offenders in their midst. This article from the LA Times documents the strange ideas we get when we feel so threatened. Here’s my favorite quote:

“If we can get these people out of our community, it’s not that these crimes won’t happen,” said Christopher J. Shipley, 38, a real estate lawyer and member of the Mount Dora City Council.

“It’s just that they won’t happen in my community.”


So, do we put Karla on a rope that ends just before she gets near the local Catholic girl’s school? Do we put her on a permanent cross-country tour, ensuring we spread this woman’s continued risk of reoffending equally among all communities in Canada. I’m pretty sure I know what Andrew Potter would advise. Any other suggestions?

Final quote from the article:
“You pass an ordinance to make people feel safer,” Yatsuk said. “But are they safer? Or is it better to educate parents on how to best protect their children?”

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