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I just wanted to take a moment to note Paul Wells’ recent advice to Stephen Harper. “Do something!

And then go back, way back to a blog posting I made about a month ago. Here’s me in the comments section later:

But seriously folks, does anyone else think that those rumours about a “dump Harper” underbubbling in the Conservative party should now no longer be just rumours if this party has any chance at power in the next election (or three)?

Over the last year and a bit he has been beaten, out-strategized, outplayed, publicly abandoned and then given a whole bunch of rope from which he is right now fashioning a Harper-neck-sized noose. Could they have had a worse leader during this time period? McKay? Stronach? Clement?

So, again, I ask—when does the feeding frenzy on Harper’s, um, behind, begin? The press recognizes it’s coming. The people of Canada are less than impressed with Harper-lite, as is Harper himself.

So, when does Stephen Harper get the phone call in the middle of the night?

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