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This is Product Placement

This Magazine Staff

Some time back in early 2004, the producers of a new dramedy in development for CTV, entitled “Robson Arms” contacted This Magazine for a permission to use the magazine as set dressing. Seems there’s a corner shop in the new show and This Magazine fit with the style the designers were hoping to convey. It will be interesting to see, when the show premieres this Friday, what the newsstand in the corner shop looks like after all. (Smart designers: This part of Vancouver would definitely have an indie-dominated newsstand.)
I can’t promise I’ll last through the whole series but I’ll be watching the parade of well-known Canadian TV and film stars, and hoping for a glimpse of some familiar magazine covers (and seeing a worthy brand reaping a little product placement exposure). Here’s hoping the producers have achieved what they promised: a cross between Melrose Place (so passe, surely now they would say Desperate Housewives) and Coronation Street.

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