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Searching for Signs of Intelligent Life

This Magazine Staff

A piece in the Globe this morning asserts that the Grewal tapes were definitely altered, and not accidentally during a digital audio transfer. How did the audio expert put it? Like this:

“These tapes have been edited. This is not a maybe. This is not something that’s unexplained. This is not, ‘Oh, this is odd.’ This is a definitive statement. The tapes have been edited,” Mr. Mitchell said.”

So, I’m back to wondering about this legendary intelligence inside Stephen Harper’s brain, the stuff I’ve been hearing so much about from the folks trying to sell him as “the only” alternative to the Liberals. The only alternative, other than the NDP, who as far as I can tell have not engaged in surreptitious taping for entrapment purposes, then held onto the tapes a weirdly long time (like the amount of time it would take to edit them properly to get rid of anything self-incriminating), then released the clearly edited tapes thereby guaranteeing they leave for the summer recess inside a cloud of stink of their own making.

Nope, seems to me the NDP haven’t done anything like that, ever. Too bad they’re not a viable alternative to either of the parties caught on tape, otherwise Canada would have a clear path out of the politics of crapola.

Anyway, if anyone spots any signs of intelligence, let the rest of us know, please.

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