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Mariah Carey, Ethnic Singer

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Here’s something that has me completely stumped. If anyone can explain to me what, if anything, is wrong with this picture, I’ll be very grateful:
Live 8 Outrage Over ‘Hideously White’ Line-Up
by Zoe Street

London campaign group Black Information Link has torn into Live 8 for not including enough black performers in the London line-up, claiming it is “hideously white”.
The beautifully bonkers Mariah Carey is so far the only ethnic minority performer confirmed for the July 2 gig in Hyde Park, although the other Live 8 performances worldwide boast more of a culturally diverse line up – such as Youssou N’Dour in Paris and 50 Cent, P Diddy and Jay- Z in Philadelphia.
But the angry campaigners accuse the rock event’s organisers of “handpicking a virtually all-white line-up” for Britain’s offering, although Sir Bob Geldof insists he has approached “a number of urban and black artists to participate,” with little success, as many were commited elsewhere, reports the BBC.
Black muso and creator of BBC drama ‘Babyfather’ Patrick Augustus, fumes that Afro-Caribbean artists have been “totally excluded.”
He rants, “It seems like the great white man has come to rescue us while the freedom fighters never get a mention.
“Where are the reggae artists that have been campaigning for truth and justice over all these years?

UPDATE: Well, someone smarter and funnier than me has figured this one out. But I suspect most of you aren’t going to like it.

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