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Serpent eating tail

This Magazine Staff

And now, I will blog about a blog:

Andrew Coyne has shut down the Comments section on his blog site. After Belinda Stronach crossed the floor, regular readers of Coyne’s site will have noticed a huge increase in the comments. Hell, I started commenting just before Belinda crossed, so I’m going to take some credit here—although, I don’t think I’m included in Coyne’s justification for shutting down discourse:

“I have no desire for this site to serve as a clubhouse for hard-right wackos, usually anonymous, with way too much time on their hands. Nor can I allow them to obscure the site’s vital mission and cause: personal vanity and self-promotion. I spend enough money underwriting my own incoherent ramblings without subsidizing others’.”

Kind of makes you wonder where all the hard-right wackos will go now. Doesn’t it?

UPDATE: I googled “hard right wacko discussion” and this was the first result, so they can all go there:

Sean Hannity’s website

A google of “Canadian hard right wacko discussion” gave much the same result — except Coyne’s blog was mixed in the top five as well.

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