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Weezer sucks

This Magazine Staff

So, all excited I went and bought “Make Believe”, the new Weezer album. It is beyond garbage. The best review I’ve seen so far is — alas — the Pitchfork review, which gives it 0.4 out of 10.
As the reviewer points out, Make Believe is one of those things, like Phantom Menace or the second and third Matrix movies, that make you question the value of the earlier stuff. If Rivers can make music this crap, is it possible all of his music is crap? Is Pinkerton really that good?
Unlike the Pitchfork reviewer, I had the courage to go back and have a listen. I zipped through Pinkerton twice this afternoon. It remains triumphant.
Meanwhile, I have a copy of Make Believe that is free to anyone who wants to come fetch it.

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