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Most Powerful Revisited

This Magazine Staff

Just to repeat a point made a couple weeks back, Independent MP David Kilgour now appears to be the most powerful person in Canadian politics. With his all-important vote pretty much deciding the immediate fate of Paul Martin, Steven Harper, etc., he has the ear of all those who may have something to say about what Canada does in the Sudan. And he is using that power. Here’s the piece in the Globe.

Having recently watched Hotel Rwanda, and been duly re-shamed by how western political considerations helped determine the horrific fate of a million people, I’m feeling pretty good about Kilgour taking his moment and running with it.

This is a classic ethics question. Obviously, in theory, one man’s agenda should not hold hostage the governing process of an entire nation, yet Kilgour has just been handed the proverbial ‘Twilight Zone™’ life/death button, and he’s pushing it to try and save lives. Can anyone blame him?

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