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the future is latte

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Bring out your dead!
Wolfgang Puck introduced a new line of lattes this month. That the Los Angeles chef has stamped his name on yet another product isn’t surprising. But the container is. It heats itself.
It took a California company named OnTech seven years and $24 million to create the self-heating cans, which are activated by pushing a plastic button on the bottom. Water flows into a sealed inner cone filled with quicklime, which is mostly calcium oxide. A chemical reaction heats the coffee to a pleasant 145 degrees in six to eight minutes, the amount of time it might take to order, pay for and receive a latte from a barista.

(Note of caution for those who find ads intrusive: The NY Times link above features an ad for Polo underwear. Joyce, the model is naked and extremley buff. Thanks to Brandnoise for the link)
UPDATE: Wait, it gets far worse. (thanks LW).

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