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Now that’s classy

This Magazine Staff

Stephen Harper, with apparently no regard for his reputation as a warm-blooded sentient being, gets all robotic and snakey on Canada’s ass. From the Globe story on today’s pathetic, I mean political, maneuvering:

Two Tory MPs who have cancer are being flown in for the vote, and all 54 Bloc MPs are in Ottawa today. B.C. Independent MP Chuck Cadman, who had chemotherapy treatment yesterday, will not be there to support the Liberals, so the Tories should have the votes to win.

Yet, that is not my favorite example of Harper’s borgosity. After puppet-mastering the late arrival of everyone to The Netherlands, Harper stood in front of the cameras and declared that the PM had nothing to worry about on leaving Canada since Parliament doesn’t sit on a Sunday. Good point, you freakish, emotionless weirdo—now, do you have anything to say about the graveyard you’re standing in?

Oh, I am so totally voting for this guy.

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