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Resist Subway Video Ads

This Magazine Staff

I’m being a delinquent Web Editor by posting to the blog when I need to get the current issue up, but here’s an important development for those of you in Toronto: on Wednesday city council will be voting on whether to implement video screens throughout the subway system (in stations and on train cars) as per the pilot screens like those at Bloor and Eglinton stations.

In theory we’ve got a good idea here. Transit information, news and weather on display for riders can be helpful. The problem is the cost: the majority of the screens are simply video ads, big and intrusive and distracting if you’re trying to read, have a conversation, or simply wait for your train uninterrupted.

It’s not too late to contact city councillors to voice opposition to the latest ad scheme. Check out the Toronto Public Space Committee’s comprehensive page on the issue, and take some action.

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