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Is it safe? British voters face a Canadian dilemma. Or is it a trilemma?

This Magazine Staff

The Guardian comes out in favour of limited strategic voting: Vote Lib Dem, if it is safe.

In the end an election is about choosing a government and a parliament. We are clear where we stand, in spite of our misgivings. We want to see Labour re-elected to government and we want to see more Liberal Democrats returned to parliament, at whichever other party’s expense. What we do not want are more Tory MPs, so we therefore urge progressive voters in the overwhelming majority of Labour or Liberal Democrat held seats to rally behind the incumbent party. Only in a tiny handful of seats – see elsewhere in today’s paper – is it safe for Labour voters to switch to the Liberal Democrats without the risk of allowing the Tories to win. Elsewhere, think very carefully before you vote. You are voting not just for yourself but for others, frequently less fortunate, whose life chances rest on your good sense.

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