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calm before the storm

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To the Sala Rossa on Friday to see hard-copyright victim Dan “I used to be called Manitoba till some jackass who isn’t even Canadian sued me so now I have to call myself Caribou” Snaith. Russian Futurists opened. It was fantastic. Weird scene — the room was full of hipsters in seventies t-shirts and Herman’s Hermits haircuts, all looking like they’d just gotten refused entrance at the Sloan CD Release party. Felt like being back in TO.
And Saturday, to the local Crapola-plex to H2G2. What a huge disappointment. Buh-ooooohhhh-rrriiing. Sam Rockwell was great as Zaphod, and Mos Def was a dece Ford, but the movie just doesn’t work.
So, I trust we’ve all had a pleasant May Day weekend. To ease our brains back into the heavy Parliamentary weather system heading our way this week, I direct you to the I-really-can’t-believe-it-isn’t-a-joke goings-on over at the Adbusters website. Check it out: The Blackspot Sneaker Mk II is headed your way. Just when you thought capitalism couldn’t get any uncooler, they uncool it some more! The war is over, Phil Knight’s ass is well kicked. All that’s left is to figure out the pricing model.
[rolls eyes]
Ok, time to take the training wheels off and get ready for 100% Canadian politics, nonstop all the time. Coyne’s spent the weekend getting us ready, so read this stuff first. WK is in the USA, but he still had time to break a lance for the Sponsorship Programme. And Paul Wells is still trying to convince himself that jazz is cool.
(thanks to Simon for the Adbusters link)

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