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oh yeah, plus there’s a new Pope

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Well, if Potter is going to get all poetic on us, I’ll join in. This is from Jonathan Bennett’s 2004 collection of the same name—from ECW Press:

Here is my street, this tree I planted
for Raghavan, among others

You still take yourself as you used to,
the village’s red dust in a dry mouth,
fashionable clothes that fit, people who

you know, knew, grew into a man with.
Familiar digs, handshakes, worn jokes,
the pout of her lip, bread that tastes like bread.
Look: here is my street, this tree I planted.

Remember when we swung on that tyre
over the flooded river and you made me
a fool in front of your sister. Damn you!

Remember that. Remember it will you?
Wherever you are now. Bahrain, I think.
Berlin—was it then, fine. Just remember
it of a morning when you butter toast.

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