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The Useful Psychopath

This Magazine Staff

Well, The Corporation is out on DVD. How do I know this? Well, largely thanks to the full-page ads that have been running nonstop in local and national print media for the past few weeks. The ads have been inescapable. But of course, as Joel Bakan writes in the book version of The Corporation:
Advertising is now inescapable, whether on our television or computer screens, huge outdoor billboards and electrical signs, wrapped around buses and subway cars, or at museums, concerts, galleries, and sporting events…
I guess this is only objectionable when it’s other people shilling their products.
Anyway, if you are looking to purchase a copy of the new widescreen DVD edition, you can pick a copy up at my favourite online psychopath, Amazon.
If you click on that link and scroll down, you’ll see something interesting. The first customer review gives it 5 stars, with the title “fantastic extras.” Note, though, that the author is one Mark Achbar, who happens to be the Producer, Director, and Executive Producer of, er, The Corporation.
Now, far be it from me to criticise someone who is so clearly an expert on psychopathic greed and self-promotion, at least when others engage in it. And maybe there is nothing wrong with reviewing your own work on amazon and giving yourself 5 stars. But it seems to me that if you honestly believe that the publicly-traded corporation is an institutional psychopath leading to destruction and ruin, then maybe you shouldn’t be using its services to shill your product.
Or, again, maybe this stuff is only wrong when other people do it.
Check amazon’s share price here.

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