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The Wrong Arm of the Law

This Magazine Staff

Though I hate to flog dead horses, I thought I’d return to our recent debate, Crime, Corruption and Cameron, or whatever it was called, and give a nod to the Ryerson Review of Journalism. (The magazine, produced by students in Ryerson’s magazine journalism program, launches tonight.)
Anyway, there’s an excellent package of stories in the Summer 2005 issue, including one by Elysse Zarek about how investigative reporters Stevie Cameron, Andrew McIntosh and Juliet O’Neill “got so close to the story that they became the story.”
“A lot of journalists met with the RCMP,” Cameron tells Zarek. “I seem to be the only one who has been maimed.”
She’s also the only one who had her face splashed across the front page of the Saturday Globe, with the headline, “Could this journalist be the secret informant?”
Lots of other great stories in the Review, including a fabulous profile of Jim Bell, editor of Nunatsiaq News (and my former boss).
For any who are interested, the launch party is tonight at Hotel Boutique, 77 Peter St. in Toronto.

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