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Next—they admit they have no idea who killed JFK

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The New York Times has thrown a heavyweight editorial into the creators’ corner in the ongoing struggle over copyright in this crazy, mixed up digital world. Here’s a bit:

Both the court and Congress should be sensitive to evolving technologies. But they should not let technology evolve in a way that deprives people who create of the ability to be paid for their work.

Happy am I. That’s some powerful support for the continuation of my own livelihood, and from a, how to put this, somewhat, um, surprising source. One of the biggest test cases—okay THE test case—for creators’ rights in the US was a class action suit filed by a freelance writer against a major newspaper that was reusing work without pay or permission—a little thing called Tasini v. The New York Times, maybe you’ve heard of it. Tasini won.

Canada has its own test case heading to the Supreme Court—Robertson vs. Thomson Corp.

I repeat, strong copyright protection for creators is in the interests of all dedicated lefties. The socialist paradise does not guarantee you free music downloads.

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