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My new band is called “The Hobbesian Monists”

This Magazine Staff

Hobbesian nuts like Heath and Potter (and the late philosopher John Rawls) not-so-secretly pine for an all-powerful social contract that would create permanent cultural and political synthesis. So you see, kids, it’s your inborn duty to rebel. Otherwise the future development of human history will be a thing of the past.
Heath and Potter have a hard-on for Hobbes, which means they hate Freud.
Convinced they’re living in late-period Tsarist Russia, the hysterical Heath/Potter swear that, for the past 30 years, nihilistic “rebels” have been ruining the left’s chances to grab “state power.”
Heath/Potter, like most conservatives, have a big problem with “root cause” theories of crime.
They have no coherent plan on how to install the great justice-dispensing Leviathan, other than effete pleas for more laws and political organizing.
As political theorists, Heath and Potter are strict 17th century Hobbesian monists, waving their utopian social contracts at every societal ill.

I don’t think he liked our book.

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