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Oh, damn, where is Pierre Trudeau when you really need him?

This Magazine Staff

from The Toronto Star

“In a brief appearance before reporters at the Prairie Chapel Ranch yesterday, as the three leaders walked along with Barney, the president’s Scottish terrier, a casually dressed Martin joked that the big difference between Bush’s farm and his own in Quebec’s Eastern townships was the lack of snow.

Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan, a dog lover, reportedly insisted on posing for a picture at the ranch while she held Barney and the president held Barney’s canine companion, Miss Beazley.

Asked whether he would invite Bush and Fox to his own farm, Martin smiled and said: “I certainly would.” Later, he told reporters that this didn’t amount to a full-fledged invitation and there would need to be more negotiations on the site and timing of their next gathering, due to take place sometime after the first 90-day progress report on the new partnership plan.

Martin made special mention of the fact that he found the ranch “nice,” and McLellan quickly corrected him: “Really nice.”“

Ummm, how to put this diplomatically?… Enough toadying you pathetic, sycophantic invertebrates!

Yeah, that’s probably not too subtle for the Liberals to understand.

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