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UPDATE: Ok all you lurkers or non-punk rock book cover fans. Time to put down that work you are doing and get involved. Warren K himself has just dropped by the comments string. He cares what you think!
1. Warren Kinsella has posted the mockup for the cover of his new book about punk, Fury’s Hour. What do you guys think? I like the DIY font they have used for Warren’s name, and the black is cool. But it seems to me that a book like this ought to have, on the cover, either a picture of a guitar about to die (e.g. London Calling) or something more evocative.
I wonder if Warren got more out his publisher than a simple “right to be consulted.”
2. The Guardian has posted an annotated list of Tom Waits’ top 20 albums. Most of this music is, IMO, crap. But the annnotations are awesome. (thanks to wn for the link)
3. Does anyone know what has happened to Bruce Little’s column in Report on Business? It was the best economics column in the country. The Globe has adopted this really annoying habit of having columns simply disappear, with no explanation or replacement (e.g. Paul Sullivan’s column on The West).

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