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Strange Doings at The University of Calgary

This Magazine Staff

According to this story in The Varsity (the University of Toronto student paper), select staff at U of C’s The Gauntlet have been temporarily removed from their positions for publishing a photo of a public event that occurred publicly on the public campus of public University of Calgary. Have I said the word public enough?

Okay, what is weirder? That the U of C student union would choose a strip show for their Sexual Health Awareness Show, or that a student who strips in public for a sexual health awareness week, and is then interviewed about stripping in public, would demand a paper be shut down because they reported that she stripped in public?

Here’s a bit from The Gauntlet. “Honey” is the stripper/student who is now upset:

Nasty Girl Honey Houston has an interesting perspective when it comes to the sexual acceptance of students at the U of C, being both an exotic dancer and full time philosophy student. She hopes that the week will help U of C students loosen up when it comes to sex.

“Being a student and an exotic dancer are in two opposite worlds—doing homework in a strip bar can be interesting,” said Houston. “I hope students at the U of C will get the confidence to try new things. This is the place to expand your mind in different ways.”

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