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All things Rheostatic:
1. For those of you following Jian Ghomeshi and his 50 tracks crusade, it is my duty to point out that not a single Rheostatic song is on the list. Odd, considering that just last year, Whale Music was named, by DNTO, as the most essential Canadian album ever.
Anyway, it is not too late. People over on the Rheo mailing list are rallying around Self Serve Gas Station. It can only make it on the list now as one of the 10 audience picks. The deadline is midnight tonight — email [email protected] to vote for SSGS.
2. For anyone in La Belle Province: Rheostatics are playing tomorrow night at Le Swimming. Hope to see you all there.
This will be my last contrbution to this blog. I am boring myself, which means I am boring you. Thanks to all for all the discussion and feedback. Subscribe to This. Enjoy life.

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