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If you subscribe to the Atlantic, then you’ve probably already seen this review essay by Marc Cooper, in which he dumps on the Democratic Party for being, well, the Democratic Party. Along the way, he namechecks George Lakoff, Thomas Frank, and Heath and Potter.
If you don’t subscribe, well I hope you enjoy the first 250 words of the piece.
If you do subscribe, there’s now an online bonus: An fairly long interview that Joe and I did with a Montreal writer named Elizabeth Wasserman.
If you don’t subscribe, well, again, you’re SOOL.
And for the price of a subscription to the Atlantic, you might as well just buy the book — now in American and UK editions.
The American one is a cheaper paperback with a more Paul-Revere sounding title. The UK one has the same title as the Canuck version, but uses a modified form of the US subtitle. The US version has the same text as the Canuck version. The US and Canadian versions use US spellings. The UK version has all of the “trucks” changed to “lorries” and “cookies” to “biscuits,” and uses British spellings. The Canadian version remains the winner in overall attractive design. The UK version is a lovely hardback with a very cool cover that will make an excellent T-shirt someday.

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