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M. St-Maurice goes to Ottawa

This Magazine Staff

It is with mixed feelings that I note that Marc-Boris St-Maurice, my former leader, has quit as leader of the Marijuana Party and joined the Liberals. Under Marc-Boris’ energetic leadership, I was convinced in 2000 to run in the Toronto riding of St-Paul’s, against the incumbent, Carolyn Bennett. While I managed to take 514 votes, the good people of Forest Hill didn’t seem as offended as I was by things like the APEC scandal, so Ms. Bennett was returned with a healthy majority.
Anyway, on the one hand, I’m glad the Marc-Boris is staying in politics, and that he’s given up single-issue politics for a more big-tent approach to things. But, it’s a shame the only real option here in Quebec is the Liberals. In his statement, Marc-Boris said “I believe that if any party will ever legalize marijuana in Canada, it is the Liberals.”
That’s probably right, only in the sense that if pot is ever legalized, a government will do it. And if we have a government, it will, more than likely, be the Natural Governing Party.
But I recall an interesting incident, back during that heady campaign of 2000. I was standing on the corner of Queen and John, waiting with my fellow MPC candidates for my turn at the Speaker’s Corner booth, when who should stop on his bike but Jack Layton. I approached Mr. Layton and sounded him out about the pot laws, and he gave me his personal assurance that the NDP supported decriminalizing the wacky weed.

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