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Better than hockey

This Magazine Staff

I remember, long ago when there was hockey in the land, watching the Leafs play the Habs. I was a Habs fan, my roommate loved the Leafs. It was the early 90s. Toronto was kicking the stuffing out of Montreal in this game, and things were getting chippy. A scuffle broke out, and suddenly there was Wendel Clark taking on one, no two, no three! Canadiens. He fought them all and won. And I think he had also scored in that game. As he skated off to the penalty box, he had this look on his face, like, “Do I have to do Everything Around Here?”
My roommate danced around the room like he’d won the Lotto. I fumed.
Much like Stephen Harper must be fuming today. There’s Stephane Dion in today’s Globe, challenging Harper to a debate over the constitution and same sex marriage. Anywhere, anytime, in either language.
How cool is that?
Remember, Dion is our Environment Minister. So now he’s doing Irwin Cotler’s job for him. This, after he’s spent the better part of the past year doing Lucienne Robillard’s job for her.
Step aside, headwaiter. You’ve served enough drinks.

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