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Here is the letter I sent today to the MP of Parkdale-High Park, Sarmite Bulte:

Dear Ms. Bulte,

I am writing today to voice my strong beliefs on the issue of same-sex marriage, and to urge you to support Bill C-38 in the House of Commons. I understand you are on record as a supporter of equal rights for same-sex couples, and for that I am appreciative. It is good to know my representative in Parliament believes that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to all Canadians.

I know there have been loud denouncements of this bill by opponents of equality, and while I understand the difficulty to accept change, I would like to reject the notion that same-sex marriage jeopardizes the family structure. Gay and lesbian couples are just as capable, if not more capable in some cases, of raising children to be responsible, concerned citizens with good values. Contrary to the arguments made by opponents of this legislation, marriage is a social construction, and as societies evolve and become more accepting it should be made available to all, regardless of sexual orientation.

The majority of Canadians do not feel threatened by extending marriage to gay and lesbian couples. On the contrary, the ability of Canadians to recognize the basic rights of all people is a national treasure. On the radio recently I heard the story of a woman from New York who visited Vancouver in 2003 to be married to her same-sex partner. She related how she was approached in the park after the ceremony by locals who were curious about the wedding, and who told her how proud they were that a lesbian wedding could take place in Canada. I feel the same way, and I hope you will vocally support Bill C-38 in the House of Commons, without amendment.

Thanks for your support.
Mason Wright

Obviously this is an important issue to speak out on—many anti-equality groups are able to make their views known through well-organized and well-funded rallies, not to mention a sympathetic ear from certain media organizations.

I urge all readers of this site to read more about Bill C-38, and to visit the Canadians for Equal Marriage website to find out what more you can do to help ensure this legislation passes.

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