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and you thought Canadian politics was funny

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Making the unique political promise of “No more lies, evasion, [and/or] spin,” potentially insane former talk-show host Robert Kilroy-Silk launched Britain’s newest political party today.

Wait a second, is it April 1st? No, must be for real. For a good laugh, see the Guardian article here.

Unconfirmed rumours suggest the party name “Veritas” was originally going to be “Canadian Reform Alliance Party,” but then it was pointed out to Kilroy-Silk that he is not Canadian. He certainly has the Stockwell Day look and feel to him, doesn’t he, what with the prop “list of government lies” and all?

Update from further reading
The eerie similarities to Stockwell Day continue. Remember Mr. Day being hit in the suit with a carton of chocolate milk? Here’s the British version:
Mr Kilroy-Silk, who recently quit the UK Independence party, was arriving at Manchester High School for Girls to take part in a radio programme.
As he was walking towards the entrance at around 7.15pm, a bucket of manure was thrown over him.

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