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miscellaneous thursday

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1. Here‘s a neat list of top ten science books from the Guardian. Made me a bit nostalgic. I was a science boy, I grew up on dinosaurs.
2. Speaking of the Rheostatics, did anybody catch their show in Kingston last night? Review and set list plz.
3. Speaking of science, I am looking for a relatively objective/balanced book about modern agriculture, especially on the pros/cons of organic farming. All I can find are political screeds from one set of interests or another. Any suggestions?
4. Speaking of suggestions: if someone wanted to buy an MP3 player, are there any hard-drive based machines out there other than iPods that are any good? I have a… friend… who is interested.
5. Why does everyone get snow except Montreal? I wish I were in Halifax right now. That’s the Halifax where they are thinking of instituting a dress code for students. It wouuld seem that the tops are too tight and the jeans not rising high enough for some tastes. Besides, according to one school board official, “a stricter dress code would be a service to young male teachers.”
6. Snow and Rheostatics: The CBC has been using this photo on its website to accompany pieces about winter.
Does this look like a Tielli to anyone except me?

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