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Scandals R’ US

This Magazine Staff

Salon has a great list of 34 noteworthy scandals the Bush Admin has been involved with in the past 4 years. The ones we’ve heard about, like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and the outting of CIA operative Valerie Plame are all on the list, as well as many other eyebrow-raising schemes that most folks didn’t hear about. Karl Rove’s questionable meetings, a high-ranking admin official’s secret trip to Taiwan and GOP senators spying on their Democrat counterparts are all on this compelling “scandal sheet.”
It’s sad, really, that so many of these were ignored by the media. It’s a bit baffling, too. The media supposedly love scandals — why weren’t they all over these? Perhaps they were paid off by the Bushies (see scandals 23 & 24)…

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